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Training and Skills Development in Africa

Why Skills Bank?

At Skills Bank Africa we believe training and skills development problems can be better solved by professionals who are well-qualified. That’s why we work hard to closely match the skills of our member consultants to the problem at hand. It’s also why our training, mentoring and coaching programmes are designed to enhance our member consultants’ knowledge, experience and confidence so they are ready to tackle challenges effectively and to achieve their own goals. Get to learn more about training and skills development in Africa with us!

Our expertise

What we do


Consultancy portfolio

Our member consultants have a wide range of expertise, across a variety of technical areas, including at the leadership level.
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Competence assessment

At Skills Bank Africa we carry out an in-depth analysis of individuals and their skills before recommending them for any role. We make sure we match the right person to the task.


Training, mentoring and coaching

We offer technical, management and leadership development to build both essential and specialised skills.

Join our growing list of development consultants and take your consulting career to a new level. Enjoy training and skills development in Africa.

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