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Career Consultancy Firm in Africa

Being a member of Skills Bank Africa means joining a network of individuals who are dedicated to having an impact in Africa. Skills Bank members receive discounts on courses, access to professional development activities and events, mentoring and coaching, and exclusive access to insights, research and tools to help them succeed as consultants.

Before being accepted as a member, applicants will be assessed against established, globally recognised professional competency frameworks for consultants, and against indicators for health supply chain management and leadership potential. In this way, they can measure their development against international standards within the sector as they expand their skills and experience throughout their career.

Career Consultancy Firm in Africa
Career Consultancy Firm in Africa

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All Skills Bank members are required to undergo basic consulting training upon joining, covering the processes and tools needed to function successfully as a Skills Bank consultant, such as: valuing time and setting rates; setting and managing expectations (scope control); and consistent and professional communication.

Members also have access to professional development support through the Skills Bank platform, which caters to a variety of learning styles, including articles, on-demand webinars, podcasts and case studies.

Once accepted, members will improve their competency in one of three areas: consulting, management, or technical skills. Unlike many certifications, which don’t translate into professional knowledge, Skills Bank membership involves translating increased knowledge to a professional setting. Skills Bank takes a human-centred approach. Skills Bank members are not just service providers: through the support they receive from Skills Bank, they become agents of change in their own community. For example, Skills Bank facilitates and offers short-term fellowship opportunities where members can apply their skills as supply chain consultants in a real-world project.

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Each year, consultants are re-assessed by the Skills Bank team. This allows members to update and expand the experience levels and competency areas reflected in their Skills Bank profile.
For all consulting coordinated through our service, we offer recommended performance management elements to both consultant and organisation. These outline the overall objectives, key deliverables and corresponding dates, and the organisation’s evaluation of risk to success. This allows both parties to establish a shared definition of success for the engagement.
The recruiting organisation has the option to pay a supplemental fee to have more support from Skills Bank experts. This may be useful for a particularly important project, a newer consultant, or where the organisation does not have sufficient time for performance management.
At the end of any engagement, a member of the Skills Bank team will conduct a short interview with both consultant and organisation to gain understanding of the success of the engagement, as well as feedback on the competence, commitment and character of both parties. This adds to credibility for both sides, which builds confidence in the process and helps ensure Skills Bank can continue to support communities.

Career Consultancy Firm in Africa