Training, mentoring and coaching

It is not easy to work effectively as a consultant. Creating change in a client environment demands so much more than mere specialist skills. Our online programme provides learners with an intensive introduction into the core skills that are essential to every successful consultant. 

Career Consultancy Firm in Africa

Consulting capacity development

Our training and development opportunities provide a wealth of resources to help you at every stage: whether you’re just starting out, looking to accelerate your career, or simply want to gain new ideas and complement your existing experience – we have something to help you.

Our training also helps to build essential stakeholder management, leadership, problem-solving and communications skills that are widely applicable to a range of professions.

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Teaching essential skills

The need for training and qualified supply chain management consultants in the African marketplace has increased dramatically. We equip our Skills Bank member consultants with the practical skills needed to work effectively in ever-changing client environments. Our client–consultant matching service and online networking platform enable skilled consultants to find the right opportunities to use and grow their professional supply chain experience.

Some of the topics covered in our training portfolio include:

Career Consultancy Firm in Africa
Career Consultancy Firm in Africa

Our member consultants

Have a good understanding of consultancy processes and best practices, and the qualities of a good consultant.

Have the skills and knowledge needed to engage a client in a process of organisational change and development where the client and their respective stakeholders own and drive the process

Have the awareness and skills to manage their own learning, personal critical reflection and self-development.

Understand the value, role and contribution of consultancy to strengthening and improving civil society and NGOs.